Mar 25, 2021

Revealed: Britain’s Most Beautiful Parks

by Verena Hallam

We might not have been able to see much of the world over the course of 2020, but in 2021 we’re hoping we’ll get to see more of the beauty right here at home in the UK. Britain is home to countless wonderful parks filled with colourful fresh flowers, manicured lawns and wild woodlands, but which is the most beautiful in the country?

We wanted to find out which parks are the most beautiful, so we took a look at Tripadvisor reviews to see how many people have reviewed these parks as beautiful, pretty and picturesque.

The Three Most Beautiful Parks in the UK

1. St. James’s Park, London - 1,564 ‘beauty’ reviews

The royal park is full of British history, with views of Buckingham Palace and resident pelicans which have made the park their home for nearly 400 years after being presented as a gift to King Charles II. With 57 acres of colourful flower beds and spectacular lake views, this park earns its place as the most beautiful park in the UK.

2. Hyde Park, London - 1,387 ‘beauty’ reviews

Hyde Park is a hub of culture as the home of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, and host of countless concerts and events, all set within this beautiful 350-acre park.

3. Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh - 1,318 ‘beauty’ reviews

As the most beautiful UK park outside of London, Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens is steeped in history and reflects the unmistakable charm of the Scottish city.

The Ten Most Beautiful Parks in the UK

When we looked at reviews of some of the most popular parks in the country, we searched for the words ‘beautiful’, ‘pretty’ and ‘picturesque’ to find how many reviews described the parks with this language, giving us our most beautiful parks. With views of Buckingham Palace, London’s St. James’s Park takes the crown with 1,564 ‘beauty’ reviews.

  1. St. James’s Park - London - 1,564 ‘beauty’ reviews
  2. Hyde Park - London - 1,387 ‘beauty’ reviews
  3. Princes Street Gardens - Edinburgh - 1,318 ‘beauty’ reviews
  4. Cockington Country Park - Torquay - 1,243 ‘beauty’ reviews
  5. Kensington Gardens - London - 1,140 ‘beauty’ reviews
  6. Regent’s Park - London - 1,139 ‘beauty’ reviews
  7. The Quarry - Shrewsbury - 767 ‘beauty’ reviews
  8. Richmond Park - London - 700 ‘beauty’ reviews
  9. Roundhay Park - Leeds - 685 ‘beauty’ reviews
  10. Lower Gardens - Leamington Spa - 685 ‘beauty’ reviews

Britain's Most Beautiful Parks


Using Tripadvisor’s list of the best United Kingdom parks, we looked at the reviews, searching for the words ‘beautiful’, ‘pretty’ and ‘picturesque’, taking a total of the number of reviews featuring these words. We then took a grand total of all three words, giving us our total beauty reviews and our top 50 most beautiful parks in the UK.