May 13, 2020

Beautiful Flowers for Your Spring Colour Palette

Spring is such a pretty season, as the natural world comes into bloom with new life. If you’re looking to refresh your garden this spring or already planning for the next, we’ve put together some gorgeous colour-coordinated flower suggestions that will help your garden step into spring.

Yellow Flowers For Your Garden

Yellows are heavily associated with Easter and spring, and will add a splash of vibrant colour to any garden. We couldn’t have spring without our daffodils, for example, which bloom in early March. When planting at home, there are many more yellow blooms to choose from.

Yarrow, also known as ‘Cloth of Gold’, makes a wonderful addition to a wildflower garden patch, with a bright golden surface irresistible to insects. Sungolds will also attract visitors to your garden, particularly butterflies, and is a delicate, but strongly scented, flower.

For a more romantic touch, there are numerous yellow roses to consider planting, such as Rosa Graham Thomas, with deep, buttery yellow flowers, or the more orange hued Rosa ‘Crown Princess Maragret’. Accentuate a rose garden with a backdrop of Japanese Marigold Bush, which provides strong yellow flowers against green foliage.

White Flowers For Your Garden

Pure, white flowers look particularly pretty in springtime. Daisies are a typical and common flower we see in spring, with their cheerful yellow centres contrasted by their white petals. For something more refined, but with a similar appearance, the late blooming nemesia will thrive in pots outside.

There are many traditional and sophisticated white flowers for your garden, such as full white hydrangeas or anemones, that will bloom abundantly through spring and create a dense flower bed where planted. For some variety, there are also flowering shrubs and trees to choose from. A Japanese mock-orange shrub will produce creamy coloured flowers in late spring and a floral, honey scent. Snowy mespilus is a brilliant choice of tree, offering star-shaped blossoms which are attractive to bees.

Pink Flowers For Your Garden

Gentle, pink flowers are essential for a lovely spring garden. Elegant and feathery astilbes add texture to your garden plot, with a variety to choose from: for a soft spring palette, we suggest the Federsee variety, which produce a darkier, rosier pink or the more prominent Rheinland type, which blooms with masses of light pink flowers.

Of course, it wouldn’t be spring without cherry blossoms, which are a lovely decorative feature in any garden with their frothy, pink flowers. There are numerous varieties of ornamental prunus to choose from, such as the almond scented yoshino-cherry, pale pink kojo-no-mai, or the vivid okame harlequin. If you’re an animal lover, however, be careful with cherry trees, as some may be toxic to pets.

This seasonal yellow, pink and white colour palette will help you get started on your spring garden and offer some ideas of what to sow for next year. Did we miss something that you enjoy in your garden? Mix and match to perfect your greenspace and enjoy the delights of spring at home.