Jan 15, 2017

A Quick Guide To Sending A Flowercard As A Wedding Gift

Choosing the perfect wedding gift can be problematic for guests. You have to take a multitude of factors into account, like how well you know the bride and groom, what their tastes are, and how practical it is. Luckily, one sure fire option that you can go for is a Flowercard.

You don’t need to go overboard on wedding gifts, and sending a Flowercard is a great way to give n classy and thoughtful present. In fact, wedding experts Lake District Country Hotels say that “sending a flower card is a lovely extra touch, being both personal and elegant.” 

However, which Flowercard you should choose completely depends on the bride and groom. Do they like elegant and understated, or bright and cheerful? Whatever their tastes, our extensive collection of wedding Flowercards covers all the bases. 


Our vintage selection of Flowercards feature dried flowers displayed in a caddy with a personalised sticker, giving the gift an old school vibe. Once the bride and groom are finished with their blooms, they can use the caddy to store memories from their wedding day and relationship - the vintage selection really is the gift that keeps on giving.


The poetic Flowercard has a gatefold design with faded blooms gracefully peering through. The card itself features a tasteful poem, whilst still leaving you room to write a personal message. Decorated with a subtle floral design, this Flowercard makes for the perfect wedding gift for a classy bride and groom. 


The contemporary Flowercard is a Kilner jar vase filled with roses and completed with a personalised sticker. This Flowercard makes for the ideal centrepiece and, like our vintage Flowercard, the vase can be used as a keepsake. 


Our easel Flowercard is the classic, congratulatory wedding card with a small, floral touch. The miniature rose heads attached to the polka dot card whisper class and grace, whilst giving you room to write everything you need to say on the card itself.

L Shape 

From graphic and colourful prints to sophisticated watercolours, with our L Shape Flowercard, you’re able to choose a card to suit the tastes of any bride and groom. The L Shape design of the Flowercard allows full view of the blooms, accentuating the personalised message on the front. 


The window Flowercard is the ultimate combination of bright blooms, framed by a gorgeous card. With its celebratory ‘You’re married!’ printed at the top, this Flowercard is perfect for a bride and groom who embody love at its finest: roses, hearts, and excitement.