Jan 08, 2020

6 Ways to Brighten up your Home in Winter

The further north you are the less sunlight you have in the winter months. This can really wreak havoc on mood, motivation, and energy levels. To help you get through those dark days we’ve come up with a list of 6 ways you can brighten your home as well as your mental health.

Get bright flowers. Adding brilliant blossoms to an otherwise dark room is a reminder that spring isn’t that far away. For an extra bonus get blooms with a sweet uplifting scent such as roses, lavender or lilac. And who says you can’t order a Flowercard or two for yourself? ;)

Make your flowers last. When parts of those flowers start to die off, remove the brown bits and wilted petals and put the still vibrant blooms in single stem vases. This will free up the larger vase for a fresh bouquet and you can spread those bits of brightness all over your home to amplify the colour and feel of your space.

Have ‘winter decor’. A dark rug may work in the bright long days of summer, but in the darkness of winter try using floor rugs with a bright pop of colour or a light neutral hue. You can easily keep these in a box through summer with a change of curtains as well. When the sun rises early and beats in whilst you’re sleeping, dark blackout curtains are a blessing. But when every last ounce of sunlight matters, a lighter colour curtain can really help a room feel more open and brighter. Add some matching pillows with pops of colour and you’ve instantly changed the feel of your home.

Add extra lights. Just like rearranging a room can be inspiring, adding some extra lights on dark days is a definite pick me up. Varying the height can make a significant difference as well. Having a tall corner light, with a few lower lamps spread about the coffee, table console, or shelving can give some much needed extra brightness to those hidden corners.

Fairy lights. Fairy lights come in all shapes and sizes and can add a lovely warm, whimsical feel. From simple white sparkles to glowing ladybirds, flowers or even chili peppers these little snaps of vibrance both transform a room and inspire the imagination. String some around a window or wind them about a bookshelf.

Get a SAD lamp. Seasonal affective disorder is real. It’s when your body doesn’t get enough sunlight in the winter months. A SAD lamp can really help. They simulate the sunlight that’s missing during darker months and stimulate your brain to increase the production of serotonin and reduce the production of melatonin, which can really be a mood booster.