Jul 10, 2017

50 Of The Best Lifestyle Bloggers To Follow In 2017

With lifestyle bloggers really making an impact on the internet in recent years, it can be a challenge to decide who is best to follow. To help you out, we’ve rounded up 50 of the best lifestyle bloggers to follow this year, so that you know who writes for your niche.

1. Ape to Gentleman

Ape to Gentleman prides itself on ‘helping modern man continue his evolution’ by providing us with wall to wall posts on fashion, grooming, and lifestyle. With posts on everything from choosing whiskey to hair loss, this blog leaves nothing to be desired.

2. Ellie’s Favourite Things

Nottingham-born Ellie, who now lives in London, blogs about university life, outings, and her biggest loves: London, fashion, and music. If you’re interested in surviving in London as a student, this is the blog for you to follow this year.

3. The Black Pearl Blog

The Black Pearl Blog is written by Sandra who lives in Glasgow with her spouse and their two children. She posts about skincare, fashion, beauty, and DIY, along with weight loss updates and breastfeeding stories.

4. Kat Got the Cream

Kathryn lives in Harrogate and likes to share her style, favourites, and creative projects on Kat Got the Cream. She has a series called The Happy List, in which she rounds up just some of the things which have brought a smile to her face of late.

5. The Magpie Girl

Irish country girl Vicky runs The Magpie Girl and, as a new mother to Finn, she frequently posts about parenthood. She’s also a dab hand at DIY and shows her readers how to make her creations - she’s definitely one to watch this year for crafts and home decor.

6. Jordan Bunker

Jordan Bunker studied at Bournemouth University, so his blog features a great many posts on study tips and university life. A real connoisseur of fashion, Jordan styles himself fabulously, giving you all the fashion inspo a person could desire.

7. That British Betty

Lisa Valentine writes That British Betty and, living in Manchester, she balances being a writer with being a mother. Her blog consists of a real mixed bag of topics including weddings, home and crafts, and life in Manchester. So if you’re a fan of the Rainy City, Lisa Valentine is the blogger for you to follow in 2017.

8. Celery and Cupcakes

Working against fad diets and restrictive eating, Celery and Cupcakes promotes a healthy lifestyle, self-love, and good vibes. With delicious and healthy recipes and posts on important topics such as ‘ does self-care make you lazy? ’, this blog is definitely one for the health conscious.

9. The Lifestyle Blogger

Becky, of The Lifestyle Blogger, is a real all-rounder, covering topics from blogger tips and gadgets to gift ideas and homeware. She keeps her readers on their toes with new posts every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday and her personable writing style makes her a pleasure to read.

10. Midlife Chic

Nikki Garnett of Midlife Chic felt as though she had lost her mojo after having a husband, three sons, two cats, and a dog named Gary. She has a whole section on her blog dedicated to midlife, where she covers everything from curing her phobia of birds to midlife careers.

11. Anna Saccone-Joly

Anna Saccone-Joly has really made her mark in the blogging and vlogging world over the past few years and is well known for documenting her life with her husband, three children, and six dogs. She regularly blogs about parenthood and her diet and fitness routines - her down to Earth style will be sure to make you feel welcome.

12. Me and Orla

Sara, who writes Me and Orla, lives in rural Yorkshire with her husband and her daughter after deciding that city life wasn’t for them. Her blog is dedicated to her musings on being a mother, interior design, and beauty products and even tackles bigger subjects such as 10 things to do when it feels like you’re failing .

13. My General Life

With a love of health and fitness (and her dog Obi), Jordan of My General Life is a vegan and posts some exciting recipes on her blog. Jordan is big on self-improvement, so if you’re interested in lifestyle choices like minimalism and hygge, this is the blog for you to follow in 2017.

14. Wish Wish Wish

If you live in London or you’re interested in what life is like in the capital, Wish Wish Wish has got you covered. With a whole section dedicated to London tips, this blog will show you all of the Big Smoke’s hidden gems and you’ll also get to catch up on the adventures of Carrie, the writer!

15. She’s So Lucy

Lucy, of She’s So Lucy, is dedicated to showing the world how easy it is to live a healthier lifestyle and, if you’re after some serious foodie inspo, she’s got your back. Ambitious and intrinsically motivated, Lucy will inspire you to achieve your fitness and life goals.

16. SilverSpoon London

With a passion for the finer things in life, Angie uses SilverSpoon London to document her luxurious escapades. She has a lust for food, travel, and all things swanky, and this year she’ll be heading to Santorini, Madrid, Valladolid, and Iceland, so watch this space.

17. Bumpkin Betty

Bumpkin Betty has been going since 2009 and has come on in leaps and bounds since then. On her blog, she has her very own Bumpkin Betty Baking Club where she shows her readers how to make creative and delicious treats.

18. Victoria’s Vintage

Vikki started writing Victoria’s Vintage back in 2010 when she was a student. She uses her blog as a platform to write about everything she loves, including baking, travel, fashion, and DIY. With a penchant for interior design, Vikki will show you how to transform your furniture.

19. Candy Pop

For tips on how to live a quiet, minimalistic, and simple life, head over to Candy Pop. This blog is written by Natasha, who shares posts on simple living and self-care, such as this post on how to simplify your life .

20. Katie Did What

Katie lives in northern California with her husband and two children and has an array of posts on motherhood and what it’s like to have a baby. She also has a whole section dedicated to how to start a lifestyle blog, so if you’re interested in getting into the blogging world, following Katie will give you a helping hand.

21. Rosalilium

Elizabeth Sellers, who runs Rosalilium, is travelling a path to an intentional and positive lifestyle and shares her journey through her blog. She’s all about changing your life for the better and, with posts such as 43 positive mantras that will change your life , she’ll be sure to have you smiling in no time.

22. I Want You To Know

I Want You To Know is written by Kristabel, whose aim is to make the most of her life, even though there may be a few bumps in the road! Kristabel lives in London and has an entire section dedicated to life in the capital, so if you want to know about the best day trips and eateries in the Big Smoke, Kristabel is the one for you to follow this year.

23. A Rosie Outlook

A Rosie Outlook is a beautifully honest blog which details the life and passions of Rosie. Although she primarily posts on lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and travel, you’ll also find some more quirky posts on everything from tarot readings to mindful walking.

24. A Cup of Jo

This blog doesn’t stray away from the important topics in life so, if you’re looking for some heavy discussion (such as raising race-conscious children ), A Cup of Jo may be the blog for you to follow this year. On this blog you’ll also find detailed posts on style, food, design, travel, and motherhood so, regardless of your interests, there will be something to satiate you!

25. Love Taza

Love Taza is written by Naomi, who lives in New York City with her family of five. This blog has a heavy focus on parenthood and life in the Big Apple - it even features an extensive NYC guide! - so if you’re interested in what New York life is like, you may like to consider following Love Taza this year.

26. Ungt Blod

Ungt Blod is Danish for Young Blood and is a kooky blog which will spark your creativity. This blog’s interesting aesthetic and largely image-based content gives you a real glimpse into the writer’s life of fashion, design, and family.

27. The Littlest

The Littlest started out as a journal for Elizabeth Antonia and her newborn daughter, but it has now developed into a personal space where Elizabeth writes about travelling, her parenting ideas, and how she adores motherhood.

28. Bleubird

Bleubird began in 2008 as a promotion of the clothing line Bleubird Vintage, but it’s now the personal blog of James Kicinski-McCoy who shares her family photos and passions. Bleubird’s simplistic aesthetic leaves all of the attention on the content which covers food, wellness, travel, and more.

29. My Cakies

My Cakies is a delightful blog run by Rubyellen who lives with her husband and four daughters, True, Brave, Soul, and Glow. The blog documents their family adventures and even covers DIY, gardening, fashion, and food.

30. Hannah Gale

Digital editor and journalist turned full-time blogger and vlogger, Hannah Gale, uses her blog to cover topics relevant to twenty-something females in order to inspire and motivate them in their daily lives.

31. Cider with Rosie

With poignant posts about being a mother to her daughter Ottilie, Rosie has captured a vast audience. She shares details of her life with her husband Jason, which they refer to as their ‘happy mundane’ and sends out an abundance of good vibes.

32. The Londoner

Rosie, the writer of The Londoner, counts herself lucky to be able to claim London as her home and is well-known for posting outstanding recipes on her blog. But it’s not just her prowess in the kitchen which has given her success: Rosie leaves no stone unturned, also posting about travel, home, and style.

33. The Wonder Forest

Dana Fox founded The Wonder Forest in 2011 and the archives are now extensive. This good-vibes-only blog is a calming place where its readers can educate themselves on overcoming stress, anxiety, and living a happy and peaceful life.

34. Forever Amber

This award-winning fashion and lifestyle blog is written by Amber McNaught. Not only does she share her tips and advice for fellow bloggers as well as posting on topics such as how to motivate yourself when you work from home , she writes about fashion, beauty, and her favourite subject: shoes.

35. Jasmine H. Duffy

Jasmine has been blogging since she got engaged in 2009 as she wanted to document her wedding planning. However, as her love of blogging grew, she just couldn’t bring herself to stop after she got married and she now regularly posts about motherhood and her Montessori teaching.

36. Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr lives with her husband Jim and their dog Martha and has made a real name for herself in both the Youtube and the blogging worlds. Perhaps her most popular posts are her monthly favourites where she outlines her favourite products from each month, giving you some real inspo when it comes to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

37. The Skinny Confidential

Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential keeps it real by tackling important issues on her blog such as addiction and death. She’s also passionate about health and wellness, so she frequently posts about food and exercise.

38. Wit and Delight

For the ultimate style, Wit and Delight is the blog to follow in 2017. Written by Kate Arends, this blog spans the spectrum, covering everything from career development and relationships to fashion and interiors.

39. Steve Booker

The three main passions in Steve Booker’s life are fashion, travel, and lifestyle and his blog holds testimony to that. With posts on how to style and his many adventures, this image-heavy blog strikes the right balance between a brilliant aesthetic and great content.

40. Sofia Clara

Lausanne-based Sofia Clara is all about the homemade lifestyle, posting regularly about her DIY projects and innovative homemade dishes, such as these chia jam pop tarts . Sofia is upfront about her struggles and humble about her successes, making her a delight to follow.

41. Girl vs Globe

Girl vs Globe is written by Sabina, who is passionate about sustainable travel and food. She followed her dream of living in London and believes that we can all reach our goals too. Inspiring and empowering, this is the blog for any twenty-something.

42. Quintessence

Stacey Bewkes, of Quintessence, has a love of style and substance and posts about everything from architecture and interiors to films and food. This blog has got all of the bases covered so if you live and breathe lifestyle, this is the blog for you.

43. Where’s Mollie?

Professional traveller Mollie lives just outside of London and absolutely adores life and adventure. She posts guides on the places that she has travelled to and also covers topics like how to overcome pre-travel nerves .

44. Cocochic

Steph, the writer of Cocochic, lives in Cornwall after a brief stint of studying fashion at a university in London. She’s now a full-time lifestyle blogger and is a girl after our own hearts, loving naps and her own space. For iconic OOTDs, Steph is the blogger for you.

45. Rock My Style

Rock My Style leaves no topic undiscovered, with posts on politics, beauty, food, interiors, and travel. If you have a serious case of wanderlust, Rock My Style is the blog for you to follow in 2017 as it features travel guides to destinations in the UK and abroad. This blog even has sister sitesRock My Family and Rock My Wedding.

46. Treasures & Travels

Treasures & Travels, also known as T&T, is written by sisters Tegan and Lindsey who are from Vancouver and love sharing their creativity with the world. With posts every day, the pair write about style, Vancouver, travels, food, and parenthood, using high-quality photographs so you can really have a glimpse into their lives.

47. Champagne Lifestyle

Hannah lives ‘a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget’ and is a major lover of dogs. She mainly posts about fashion but also covers topics such as 5 ways to get out of a mid-day funk and how to Craigslist .

48. Jess Ann Kirby

Jess Ann Kirby is a great blog to follow for the career orientated among us as there are frequent posts on careers advice and interviews with business people. On this blog, there are also sections on wellness, entertaining, and, amongst others, beauty.

49. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is written by Californian Kiersten who left her job in corporate finance in order to travel the world. She shares her stories and advice which she has picked up on her travels and covers topics such as fashion and festivals, too.

50. Joy Lynn Lifestyle

This blog, created by Joy Lynn, prides itself on being a community for the everyday human. Covering home, marriage, food, and travel with a heavy focus on simple living and minimalism, Joy Lynn Lifestyle strives to make your world a happier place.

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