Jul 10, 2018

5 Unique Ways To Say 'Thank You'

Saying ‘thank you’ is such an impactful way to show a loved one you appreciate them, and yet, sadly, these words often become purely a matter of routine, something that should be said rather than really meant. It is only two little words, and can mean the world to someone who has given up time or effort for you. We, at Flowercard, believe in the importance in thanking your friends and family for everything they do, be it babysitting the kids, visiting you in hospital or cooking a delicious meal. Now, thank you flowers are a classic, but we’ve come up with a few fun, unique ways to give your ‘thank you’ a little extra oomph.

How about gifting someone a personalised hamper? A classic wicker basket filled with all their favourite things is such a welcome gift, regardless of what you choose to pop in there. The traditional filling of choice is food and drink, but what about including make up, vouchers or some mini scented candles. These little treats can be on the expensive side but are a perfect way to demonstrate how well you know someone. These are also a great choice for those tricky birthday buys - we all have someone who makes us dread the idea of shopping for a birthday present, so why not play it safe with something you know they will love!

Another firm favourite is a photo collage - the perfect platform for showing all your happy memories together. If you don’t have a printer, lots of high street shops now have photo printers - try Boots or your local supermarket! Think of important occasions you were together for, times when you both looked your best and there is always room for the occasional funny photo - think tongues poking out from behind novelty sunglasses!! This is a perfect choice and acts as the gift that will keep on giving - whatever happens your memories will always be fond ones.

Or you could try something traditional with a twist. We all know that a handmade bouquet of flowers is a lovely thought, and our new milk churns offer a fab twist on the traditional arrangement. If your loved one appreciates rustic accessories or beautiful flowers, these Flowerchurns are perfect because they combine the two and come complete with a beautiful keepsake they can reuse afterwards. Two gifts in one, plus it keeps the memory of your generosity alive!

A great idea for a treat on a budget is a Happiness Jar. Put down lots of kind words, positive sentiments, funny photos and memories on pieces of paper, make them nice and small, fold them up and pop them all in a jar. Decorate the outside with a big, bright ‘thank you’ and you have your own, tailor-made ‘happiness jar’. It keeps your friend cheerful and is perfect for dipping into when they feel a little blue. It means you can cheer your loved one up even when you aren’t there.

A bit of a classic, but a grand gesture is a lovely way to show how well you know someone and how much they are appreciated. Now ability here ranges on price and time, but you can’t go wrong with a nice surprise. What about taking them for a surprise picnic on a sunny day, or a spontaneous road trip to the beach for ice cream and sandcastles? It certainly doesn’t need to cost the earth but it will show that you have really thought about putting their happiness first. Make sure you plan ahead, nothing kills spontaneous plans like the weather!