Jun 06, 2017

5 Ideas For Great Housewarming Gifts

There are few things as exciting as getting the keys to your very own home, particularly if it’s your first tentative step on ‘the ladder’ most of us are longing to climb. So when the contracts have been signed, the keys handed over and the unpacking has finally begun, it really is cause for celebration. If someone you know has just bought a brand new place, here are some ideas for great gifts you can send to say ‘well done and congratulations!’

If you’re confident that you have a good sense of your pals’ taste then something like a feature table lamp will be something they’ll use all the time and really appreciate. The costs of moving in and any decorating or renovations that need to be done may mean that accessories for making a house a home come a little further down the list. A striking lamp is something they’ll always remember you by too!

A window box filled with fragrant herbs will make a great addition to any kitchen. Having fresh herbs on hand when cooking can really up the ante in the flavour stakes, yet they don’t always make the weekly shopping list. A window box herb garden is also relatively easy to maintain so it’s an ideal gift for the friend that wasn’t blessed with green fingers.

A wine carafe to go with the congratulatory bottle of wine is another lovely idea. A carafe is an especially good idea for red wine as it allows the wine to breathe so that the full flavour can emerge. It’s a gift that suits all budgets as well as you can start with a relatively simple, yet elegant glass affair, or blow the budget on stunning crystal.

It may not be the most glamorous of gifts but a funny or personalised welcome mat can be a real talking point. With a little online searching you’ll find welcome mats that are specific to animal lovers, mats that say ‘welcome’ in lots of different languages, or mats that have the family name written on them. Lots to choose from!

Talking of making it personal, personalised new home cards are a great way of sending love and best wishes, and can easily be popped in the post if you’re not going to get the chance to visit for a while. Add a pretty floral arrangement and you’ve got the perfect moving in gift. Why not take a browse through our ‘new home’ collection and send flowers and a personalised card in one to the happy new home owners.