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Talking Flowers // June

<p><strong>Welcome to the June issue of Talking Flowers, bursting with floral treats
to enjoy!</strong></p>

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"http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/sage-green"><img class="editorial-pic" src=

<p>This month we're looking at that floral newcomer, the fabulous Gerbera (as
pictured in our <a href="http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/sage-green">Sage Green
Flowercard</a>), and the Flowercard florists will be sharing their top tips for
<a href="#fashionista">the best vase to use</a> with all your favourite flowers.</p>

<p>This month's <a href="#flowercardpeople">Flowercard Award</a> is all about BFFs -
that's Best Friends Forever - and our Made with Love craft idea is all about <a href=
"#madewithlove">creating a keepsake box</a>. Enjoy!</p>

<p>If you've got any floral news of your own you want to share, just click our email
<a href="mailto:talkingflowers@flowercard.co.uk">talkingflowers@flowercard.co.uk</a>
to send us the story!</p><br>


<h2>Click Power! Did you know?</h2>

<p>You can click on any product photograph in Talking Flowers to see its full details
and how to buy, or alternatively you can click any product name in pink to go through
to that product's page on our website.</p>

  <li><a href="#inbloom"><strong>In Bloom:</strong> The Gerbera</a></li>

  <li><a href="#fashionista"><strong>The Flower Fashionista:</strong> Which Vase
  Would You Choose</a></li>

  <li><a href="#flowercardpeople"><strong>Flowercard People:</strong> Our latest
  Winner Announced</a></li>

  <li><a href="#madewithlove"><strong>Made With Love:</strong> Making a Keepsake

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<h2>In Bloom: The Gerbera</h2>

<p>Little known just 20 years ago, the Gerbera is now in the world's top five
flowers, and you can see why! It looks just like the flowers that children draw - and
you can't get sweeter than that. Representing innocence, purity and
cheerfulness, see how our Guernsey Flowercard florists use this pretty little

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  <a href="http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/petal-pinks"><img class=
  "editorial-pic" src="../site_images/petal-pinks.jpg"></a>

  <p>The centrepiece of our <a href=
  "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/petal-pinks">Petal Pinks Flowercard</a>

  (pictured left), all ready to be printed with our personal message. This gerbera is
  perfect to welcome a new baby girl into the world, say thank you, congratulate on a
  big achievement, like a new job, or raise a smile on that special birthday.</p>

  <p>But gerberas are also great for lifting people's spirits, letting them know you
  care about them and sending a floral hug. Just take a look at our <a href=
  "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/pink-lady-bouquet-generic">Pink Lady
  Bouquet</a> (pictured below left) - an explosion of gerberas, roses and carnations
  - who could not fail to be cheered by such a wonderful confection, with a <a href=
  "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/pink-lady-bouquet-birthday">Pink Lady
  Birthday</a> or <a href=
  "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/pink-lady-bouquet-anniversary">Pink Lady
  Anniversary</a> bouquet!</p>

  <div class="editorial-section"><a href=
  "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/pink-lady-bouquet-generic"><img class=
  "editorial-pic" src="../site_images/pink-lady-bouquet.jpg"></a>

  <p>You might be thinking, why the German name? The flower was first discovered by
  Dutch botanist Gronovious in 1737, and he named the flower in honour of his
  colleague Taugott Gerber. There are now over 200 varieties of gerbera cultivated,
  with one of the latest developments being the delightful miniature versions of the
  flower, know as germini.</p>

  <p>Aside from the fabulous gerbera focused Flowercards, you can also enjoy them as
  cut flowers or pot plants. And a top tip for fresh cut gerberas, that have spend a
  little time out of water, is to prop up their heads before you let them drink. When
  the gerbera takes in water, the head stays in whatever position it was in - so if
  it drinks when it's droopy - it will stay droopy!</p><img class="horiz-rule" src=
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  <h2>Which vase would you choose?</h2>

  <div class="editorial-section"><a href=
  "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/at-the-opera-generic"><img class=
  "editorial-pic" src="../site_images/at-the-opera.jpg"></a>

  <p>As you may know, the sumptuous <a href=
  "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/categories/bouquets">new bouquets</a> from Flowercard
  come with their own clever vase built in, so you can put them on display with that
  fabulous arrangement and opulent wrapping kept intact &ETH; just take a look at our
  <a href="http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/at-the-opera-generic">At the Opera
  bouquet</a> (pictured) to see what we mean by sumptuous!</p>

  <p>But after a few days we recommend transferring them to a vase &ETH; and with so
  many fabulous flowers in each bouquet, you could re-arrange them into two vases for
  double the pleasure.</p>

  <p>Roses look fantastic in tall, thin vases, as do lilies, gladioli and hydrangeas.
  And if you are lucky enough to receive our <a href=
  "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/totally-roses-bouquet-generic">Totally Roses
  bouquet</a> (pictured), it's wonderful to separate out just one flower to put
  somewhere special, like your dressing table. If you're a fan of single stems try
  our Solitaire Flowercards that present one flower in this way for just

  <div class="editorial-section">
    <a href=
    "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/totally-roses-bouquet-generic"><img class=
    "editorial-pic" src="../site_images/totally-roses.jpg"></a>

    <p>Tulips, daffodils and gerberas look best in an urn shaped vase, that opens out
    at the top. This allows those beautiful heads to be seen individually.</p>

    <p>If you are feeling more adventurous, flowers with bendy stems like calla
    lilies or tulips can be arranged in a fishbowl style vase. Half fill the bowl
    with water and then arrange the flowers inside - not poking out the top -
    twisting round to create a spiral. A fantastic centrepiece to a dining table to
    wow guests.</p>

    <p>For freesias, (as seen in <a href=
    "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/viva-la-violet">Viva la Violet</a>
    (pictured below left) and <a href=
    "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/freesia-dreams">Freesia Dreams</a>) or lily
    of the valley, use a vase that tapers to a slender neck to keep those delicate,
    fragrant stems supported.</p>

    <div class="editorial-section">

      <a href="http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/viva-la-violet"><img class=
      "editorial-pic" src="../site_images/viva-la-violet.jpg"></a>

      <p>For ruffled flowers like carnations, sweet peas or chrysanthemums, a bubble
      shaped vase, lets them separate our into a natural posy, as they would if held
      in the hands.</p>

      <p>For a bunch of wildflowers a vintage milk or water jug, just a little on the
      small side lets flowers spill over the top. Make your kitchen table look warm
      and inviting when a friend pops round for coffee!</p>

      <div class="editorial-section">
        <a href=
        "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/taste-of-paradise-bouquet-generic"><img class="editorial-pic"

        <p>And for mixed flowers like our <a href=
        of Paradise Bouquet</a>, pick a heavy bottomed vase with a wide neck.
        Decorative stones are pretty and helpful, supporting stems and boosting
        shorter stems so they are not dwarfed in the arrangement.</p>

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  <h2>Flowercard People</h2>

  <div class="editorial-section"><a href=
  "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/freesia-dreams"><img class="editorial-pic"

  <p>This Flowercard Award is all about friendship. A friendship that's lasted 27
  years between Yvonne Godfrey and the lady she's nominated, Phyl Jarrett.</p>

  <p>Yvonne tells us:</p>

  <p class="c1">"Phyl and I have been friends for 27 years. We first met at a school
  where we worked as secretaries and developed a strong relationship, more like
  sisters than friends, and our husbands enjoyed each others company too. Sadly my
  husband died in 2009, Phyl's in 2010, having survived from the age of 47, (three
  heart attacks, three strokes, surgery and lung cancer). She looked after him until
  she retired five years ago. We laughed and cried together through the good and bad
  times . I'm so proud that she's beginning to live her life again with no regrets.
  Forever friends."</p>

  <p>We're deeply honoured that Yvonne wants to celebrate this lifelong friendship
  with a Flowercard. But then again, what could be better than a completely
  unexpected delivery of a card and flowers, just to let you know how valued you are
  as a friend?</p>

  <p>Yvonne can take her pick of <a href=
  "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/categories/flowercards">our full Flowercard
  collection</a> for Phyl and add her own special message to make it unique to her
  and the relationship they share. Perhaps she'll pick our beautifully scented
  <a href="http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/freesia-dreams">Freesia Dreams</a>

  - a lot of people do... it's a bestseller!</p>

  <p>If you know someone like Jan who deserves a Flowercard, why not nominate them
  for a Flowercard People Award? Every month we'll select a winner to receive your
  choice of Flowercard, with your personal message on the front, for FREE. Even if
  they don't win this month, they'll still go back into the draw, to be considered
  again and again.</p>

  <p>So what are the qualities we'll be looking for in our Flowercard People

  <p>Well, that's up to you! Maybe people who always think of others, individuals
  who've stayed strong through difficult times, friends who've shown courage,
  kindness, selflessness and determination. You tell us by nominating them.</p><br>


    <li>Please tell us the full name of your nominee, and describe why they deserves
    a FREE Flowercard in no more than 100 words.</li>

    <li>Be sure to include your full name too, and daytime phone number for us to
    contact you should your nomination win.</li>

    <li>Send your nomination in an email to our NEW dedicated address <a href=
    "mailto:talkingflowers@flowercard.co.uk">talkingflowers@flowercard.co.uk</a> and
    please type "Flowercard Award Nomination" in the subject line.</li>

    <li>Please read the Flowercard Award <a href=
    and Conditions</a></li>
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  "../site_images/talking-flowers-horiz-rule.gif"></div><a name="madewithlove" id=

  <h2>MADE WITH LOVE</h2>

  <div class="editorial-section"><a href=
  "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/premium-box"><img class="editorial-pic" src=

  <p>We often say that our <a href=
  "http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/premium-box">Deluxe Memento box</a> would
  make a fabulous box for keepsakes, so we thought we'd better explain what we mean
  by this!</p>

  <p>Simple. A keepsake box is somewhere to keep 'memory keys', objects that unlock a
  special memory of a time, place or person for you and you only.</p>

  <p>There are no rules about what to put in, but keep things small, so you have room
  for lots. We'd also say don't include anything precious in itself, like diamonds
  and gold, as its about worth in memories not value.</p><br>

  <p>Here's some ideas to get you started:</p>

    <li>A shell from your favourite beach</li>

    <li>Tickets - how about the cinema ticket from a first date?</li>

    <li>A feather from someone's pillow</li>

    <li>Letters to the tooth fairy</li>

    <li>Pressed flowers - perhaps from the Flowercard that came in the box!</li>

    <li>Confetti scooped up from a family wedding</li>

  <p>We also say don't rush to fill it all at once - the pleasure of this box is
  filling it over the years. Tie it up with lace or ribbon and only open it on
  special occasions when you have something new to put in!</p>

  <p>If you want your box to be treasured for generations to come, put a little list
  inside so people know what everything means to you.</p>

  <p>Why not make a box for each child in your family, with their newborn hospital
  bands, first tooth and first lock of hair? You could also create one for a special
  occasion such as a wedding - or create it in secret to give to the couple on their
  10th anniversary!</p>

  <p>And of course you can make one with your kids or grandchildren, they'll love
  decorating an old shoe box and filing it with special treasures.</p>

  <p>What a great alternative to a diary!</p><img class="horiz-rule" src=
  "../site_images/talking-flowers-horiz-rule.gif"></div><a name="archive" id="archive"></a>


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