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Talking Flowers // January

Happy New Year to you, and an excited welcome to 2011!

This month we're looking at that most ruffled of flowers the carnation, birth flower of January and a florist's favourite thanks to its amazing ability to stay fresh.

Our Flower Fashionista feature looks at fresh ways to add floral beauty to your home, and our January craft is equally floral with pretty paper flowers to make from recycled paper.

Finally, we have a wonderful Flowercard People winner for January. Isn't it time you sent us your nomination? It's free and easy to enter as many times as you like!

We'd love to hear from you too. If you've any ideas for your magazine please contact us through our new dedicated email address: talkingflowers@flowercard.co.uk

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One of the world's oldest cultivated flowers, the carnation's pretty, ruffled appearance and delicate clove scent contradict its amazing ability to stay fresh once cut. No wonder it has featured in arrangements the world over, for over 2000 years!

Also called Dianthus, Greek for The Flower of the Gods, carnations now come in stunning colours from traditional pinks and peaches to yellows, whites, purples and even greens with those striking emerald flowers the buttonhole of choice on St Patrick's Day!

You can take a peek at carnations in their classic pink shades in our best selling Elegance Flowercard (pictured top), now in the January SALE.

Carnations can mean fascination, distinction and love, making it such an appropriate flower for many occasions. And it is said that the deeper the shade of red in your given carnation, the greater the passion and the closer the friendship!

Carnations are also the January birth flower, which is why we especially recommend our Sweet Sunrise (pictured bottom) with its joyful spray of orange carnations for any January birthday and that lovely card is part of our January SALE too.

And as the 1st wedding anniversary flower, carnations are also spot-on in our Love Is Flowercard - for him to send to her, her to send to him or for you to send to them both! Full of lush red carnations this card is the perfect way to mark that first year of marriage which also happens to be the paper anniversary, making this Flowercard appropriate in every way! Our Love Is card also features on our January SALE.


Spring is just round the corner so get ready for all that sunlight with something new and floral at home - because right now the choice is amazing!

With vintage floral prints and cabbage rose patterns available on everything - from aprons to duvet covers to radios - finding flower styled homewares to blend into your existing colour schemes is just so easy.

And have you spotted those large floral canvas art prints? Close-ups of fabulous flowers like roses or gerberas that add a truly artistic finish to a wall - with many prints stylishly split into 3 as a triptych. If you like the sound of that, then you may well enjoy our Solitaire range of Flowercards that also make a feature of single roses and gerberas.

And have you discovered the French trend for fabulous, decorative wall stickers? Including ones that span the whole wall! Easy to apply, they can transform a wall in minutes without the need for paint pots, stencils or wallpaper paste. We especially love this dandelion clock design (pictured) from UK company Decosticker. Stunning! Reminds us of our best-selling Floral Dreams card, which is now in our January SALE.


After the bumper bundle of awards in our December Issue, you were still able to send us more wonderful people to honour with our monthly award, and still give us a hard time choosing between all your very worthy nominations. But we do have to pick, and our January Flowercard Award goes to Anita Lyle, nominated by her friend Helen J Rennie. Helen tells us:

"Anita is a blast - a tower of strength and an inspiration. Such a "chicken" when she had to undergo a gall bladder operation but, after the decision was made, her no-nonsense approach was admirable and her comical tales of the op and recovery were themselves worthy of a BAFTA. A couple of years later, a major back operation - then, after a long recovery, she was struck down with breast cancer (surgery, treatments and reconstruction). Now, she is helping a young friend, terrified of the dentist, through a lengthy dental reconstruction procedure. Wow, Anita - you're something else!"

And January is a significant month for Anita as it marks the second anniversary of her cancer diagnosis. Helen hopes that the award and the Flowercard will help Anita through this especially difficult time of year. As we do too!

It's now up to Helen to select the Flowercard she would like Anita to receive, and the personal message she wants us to print on that card.

If you know someone who deserves a Flowercard, why not nominate them for a Flowercard People Award?

Every month we'll select a winner to receive your choice of Flowercard, with your personal message on the front, for FREE. Even if they don't win this month, they'll still go back into the draw, to be considered again and again.

So what are the qualities we'll be looking for in our Flowercard People Award?

Well, that's up to you! Maybe people who always think of others, individuals who've stayed strong through difficult times, friends who've shown courage, kindness, selflessness and determination. You tell us by nominating them.


  • Please tell us the full name of your nominee, and describe why they deserves a FREE Flowercard in no more than 100 words.
  • Be sure to include your full name too, and daytime phone number for us to contact you should your nomination win.
  • Send your nomination in an email to our NEW dedicated address talkingflowers@flowercard.co.uk and please type "Flowercard Award Nomination" in the subject line.
  • Please read the Flowercard Award Terms and Conditions


Look at these fantastic paper flowers! Made from recycled paper, with no glue required, there are just four shapes to cut out, and the pretty way the petals fold back really make them come alive. They're a brilliant way to finish off any gift with a completely personal touch.

Thanks to craft blogger Jessica Jones who gives us a full tutorial on making these flowers at her blog How About Orange. Click through here to see the full instructions.

Many thanks to craft blogger Ashley Connelly for letting us link to her wonderful blog in our magazine. Ashley's blog is full of super ideas, why not spend some time exploring it?


Our New Year edition of Talking Flowers we'll be looking at the gorgeous carnation - the birth flower of January. We'll also be looking at giving you flower a fresh new look using fresh flowers, floral prints and stunning wall decals! We'll feature our new Flowercard People award, of course, and our January craft will be how to make some adorable recycled paper flowers.

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