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Talking Flowers // December

The Christmas month is here! And at Talking Flowers we’re REALLY embracing the season of giving with a whopping 12 Flowercard People Awards at once – one for each of the 12 days of Christmas! Take a look now at all the worthy winners!

Also in this issue, the world of Christmas Traditions, from holly to candles to reindeers, we explain them all with a little help from Flowercard’s beautiful new Christmas designs.

Other big news is our all-new, luxurious fresh bouquets! This time it’s a big spray of flowers with a little tiny card, but they’re as easy to display and easy to personalise as our traditional Flowercards.

And our Christmas craft feature is all about some fabulous paper lanterns, perfect homemade tree ornaments!

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The Christmas Tree is a German tradition brought to England by Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert. It’s thought that the first person to decorate a tree was Protestant reformer Martin Luther in the 16th century.

On returning home one December evening he looked at the stars shining through the branches of a fir tree, and decided to recreat this with a small fir tree in his home by placing candles within the branches. Pictured: Paper Trees and Baubles

Holly and Ivy has long been associated with magic because it remains green in the winter whilst the other trees fall bare.

Boughs of holly were often placed over doors to drive away evil, and legend tells that holly itself first sprang from the footsteps of Christ, with the prickly leaves representing the crown of thorns, and the berries representing Christ’s blood. Pictured: Happy Holly Days

Traditionally Santa has eight reindeers, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder (thunder in Dutch) and Blitzen (lightning in German). Those wonderful names were revealed to us over 200 years ago by Clement Clarke Moore in his poem ‘Twas the night before Christmas.

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer arrived a little later, in 1939, firstly in a booklet written by copywriter Robert L May for the Montgomery Ward department stores. His rhyming story proved so popular with children that May’s brother-in-law, Johnny Marks, turned it into the song we all know today, one of the best-selling songs of all time. Pictured: Reindeer Rides

A Christmas Candle placed in a window is an Irish tradition, to guide and welcome the Christ Child as he wanders from house to house on Christmas Eve. The Victorians placed candles on their Christmas tree as a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem, which also guided the Magi to the birthplace of Christ. Pictured: Candlemass

Robin Redbreast is such a colourful addition to the winter landscape. When most other birds have migrated to warmer climates he’s still here with his chirpy song! With a festive red belly the robin, like the holly berry, has become a symbol of life and good cheer in the harsh winter landscape.

Don’t forget to care for your real-life robins this winter. Leave some tasty Christmas treats on your bird table, like bacon rind and a stuffing ball. And a few old terracotta plant pots left in the garden could give a female robin somewhere to build her nest. Pictured: Robin at Dawn


It’s most definitely BIG news at Flowercard with the launch of our Big Bouquets! Premium quality, fair trade fresh flowers, exquisitely wrapped in tissue and organza. And because this is a Flowercard bouquet, you can display it straight from the box (thanks to the built in vase) and print your special message on a mini card too.

We recommend you transfer our new bouquets to a vase after a couple of days, and this is easy to do whilst keeping that wonderful presentation intact.

So, do tell, which one’s your favourite?

Festive Rose Petals teams cinnamon sticks with a host of crimson petals for a true Christmas fantasy. And we adore those very unusual flame roses, perfect to light up the Christmas mantelpiece.

Our Christmas Satin Bouquet is full of snow white roses, frothy chrysanthemums and ruffled hydrangeas. Wrapped so beautifully in silver tissue.

Festive Fusion mixes the most opulent hot pink gerberas with lush red carnations and roses for a bold Christmas centrepiece on any dining table.

Finally, our Christmas Joy Bouquet is a wonderful celebration of buttermilk yellow roses and winter white oriental lilies. Such an elegant and classic arrangement.

You can view all our festive bouquets online here, along with our fabulous At the Opera arrangement for any occasions when you want a supreme bouquet that will really bowl them over! A gift and card for all those other special occasions, or say thank you at this giving time of year.


For the 12 Days of Christmas, we’re giving out an exceptional 12 Flowercard People Awards to some incredibly worthy winners. We’re delighted and privileged to bring you this ceremony of winners for Christmas. Each will be sent a FREE Flowercard as part of their award, bearing the message of the kind person who nominated them.

Our 12 Christmas Winners Are...

Evelyn Smith, who has spend the past 21 years visiting an orphanage and a mother and baby home in Hungary to give out Christmas gifts and aid to children with very little in their lives. Evelyn was nominated by her friend June Coghlan - congratulations to you both.

Jenny Donnelly nominated by husband Oliver for a “smiling face and cheerful, loving ways” that keep her family upbeat, despite her recent diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease. We hope your Flowercard Award gives you another reason to smile, Jenny!

Josephine Robinson is our next winner, nominated by her neighbour Alice Constable. Alice tells us "Josephine has been a volunteer in two of our local charity shops for many years, and each Christmas Day she is part of the team at the local community centre offering company and Christmas dinner to local people who might otherwise be alone. She really loves your Flowercards, and I think she really deserves one!"

Pauline Hart is our next winner, nominated by her friend Liz Robinson. Liz tells us Pauline is coping with many serious illnesses and losses at the moment, and thinks a Flowercard will bring joy in this time of need and show how much she cares for Pauline.

Jaquie Nichols is our next Christmas winner, nominated by Nicki Ilton who says Jaquie is “like a sister” to her. Jaquie has not had a break for two years as a full time carer for her disabled husband and elderly mother. “Jacquie’s untiring devotion and brilliant sense of humour make her a very special lady and she deserves special recognition,” says Nicki. We couldn’t agree more.

Shar Reichenstein has been nominated by her friend Suzanne Benjamin to recognise her selfless work in her local community. Shar voluntarily runs a help line for the old and needy, and as Suzanne explains, she “is very shy in taking praise for her efforts and this would be a lovely way to acknowledge privately all that she does. PS The Flowercards are so beautiful and they last a very long time – thanks!”

Mrs Schutts is our next winner, nominated by her friend Kay Heslop, who tells us. “I first met her about 40 years ago when she was a leader in the Girls' Brigade. Over the years I have seen her lead Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition groups, support a marching band and support child witnesses through the Law Courts in the Witness Support Scheme - all voluntarily.” Congratulations Mrs Schutts!

Eleanor McLean has also been nominated by her niece Tara Tonwsend, who tells us “she is the Mum that I never really had”. With Eleanor in Scotland and Tara in Cornwall, the two seldom meet, and Tara thinks a Flowercard will send a special message of love, especially right now as Eleanor is unwell. Tara adds: “It was my auntie who introduced me to the Flowercards and I now send them to other family members on special occasions as they are so wonderfully unusual.”

Julie Mison has nominated her Mum and Dad for offering constant support to her, especially with the many hospital appointments required for son Ben who has a brain tumour and epilepsy. “My dad had cancer four years ago,” adds Julie, “and they had a awful time I think it's about time something nice happened to them.” Something nice like a Flowercard? Consider it done!

Claire Jones has also nominated her mum. Claire is her mum’s personal carer, as she is disabled, but it seems that Claire gets as much support from her mum as the other way round! Claire tells us: “My mum is super special, she is my rock… I believe she rallies round to keep me sane and happy.” Sounds to us like you should share your award, for what you do for each other!

Shirley Firth has been nominated by her life long friend Christine Bridge, as Shirley has just fallen seriously ill. Christine tells us: “Dear Shirley, always thinking about other people and concerned about my health, even now. I am so upset and she is so stalwart. I would like to send her a ‘thinking and loving you’ card.” Consider it done, Christine.

Our final Christmas winner is Mary Murphy. Nominated by friend Dorothy Ashton for being a carer for her brother since she was a young lady, Dorothy also tells us that for the last year Mary’s husband has been in and out of hospital at lot, giving her two people to care for. “I think she deserves an award,” says Dorothy. Well, so do we!

Well, that’s our bumper Christmas Award ceremony over – hope you remembered the tissues.

To our winning nominators, we’ll be contacting you soon to find out which Flowercard you want sent to your special person for FREE and what personal message you want printing on the front. And please do let us know their reaction to their award using our NEW dedicated email address talkingflowers@flowercard.co.uk.

If you know someone who deserves a Flowercard, why not nominate them for a Flowercard People Award?

Every month we’ll select a winner to receive your choice of Flowercard, with your personal message on the front, for FREE. Even if they don’t win this month, they’ll still go back into the draw, to be considered again and again.

So what are the qualities we'll be looking for in our Flowercard People Award?

Well, that's up to you! Maybe people who always think of others, individuals who've stayed strong through difficult times, friends who've shown courage, kindness, selflessness and determination. You tell us by nominating them.


  • Please describe why your nominee deserves a FREE Flowercard in no more than 100 words in an email to talkingflowers@flowercard.co.uk
  • Be sure to include a daytime phone number for us to contact you, should your nomination win.
  • To help us identify your email, please type 'Flowercard Award Nomination' in the subject line.
  • Please read the Flowercard Award Terms and Conditions


We just love these paper lantern ornaments, so easy to make, they’ll look fabulous dangling on the Christmas tree or strung together as a garland! And why not make them with old Christmas cards to make them super festive? You can even send them in the post flat (with instructions on how to unfold them) for a little homemade gift in those special Christmas letters.

The full tutorial for making these lanterns is at The Creative Place Blog, just follow this link.

Many thanks to craft blogger Ashley Connelly for letting us link to her wonderful blog in our magazine. Ashley’s blog is full of super ideas, why not spend some time exploring it?


Our New Year edition of Talking Flowers we’ll be looking at the gorgeous carnation – the birth flower of January. We'll also be looking at giving you flower a fresh new look using fresh flowers, floral prints and stunning wall decals! We’ll feature our new Flowercard People award, of course, and our January craft will be how to make some adorable recycled paper flowers.

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