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Talking Flowers // August

Welcome to our hot hot hot July-August issue, and welcome to some exciting new feature articles, which really focus on the flowers and on YOU! As usual, just click the link (the pink, underlined text) to pop straight to the article that takes your fancy.

NEW! Flowers for Now looks at the special occasions on your calendar right now, and brings you our top selections of Flowercards or bouquets for big summer events.

NEW! Rainbow Shopping helps you pick out flowers for that special person with one clever trick - you'll never wonder which bouquet to send someone again!

NEW! Your Story is where we ask for your special Flowercard stories for your chance to win a new top prize of 3 FREE FLOWERCARDS and feature in the magazine!

NEW! Link Lovers (perfect for those who like an offer) our Link Lovers feature means that if you buy any Flowercard following a link from this magazine, you could win another Flowercard for free!

Plus this month's Flowercard Award goes to a remarkably selfless lady. Plus the craft ideas you love keep coming, with some pretty crepe paper flowers our summer theme!

And finally, as this is our August issue and you're a VIP readers, you're first to hear about our August Online Sale.

Everything in the catalogue will be reduced with at least 10% off, with bargains like a whopping 33% off the gorgeous Anniversary Lace.

So save the date in your diary to go to www.flowercard.co.uk on August 10th.

Don't forget to get in touch with your news and views. We'd love to hear from you. Just email talkingflowers@flowercard.co.uk

July - August in Detail - Click to Skip straight to an article

Rewarding our Link Lovers

As you know, each edition of Talking Flowers includes links to our lovely cards and bouquets online so you can find out more or buy. Same goes for every photograph. So if you see something you like the look of, you can click through to find out more.

Starting this issue, if you click on a link from Talking Flowers and then order ANY Flowercard using special code: AUGLINKS at checkout you'll be automatically entered into a monthly draw to win a FREE FLOWERCARD.

So if you've not clicked a link before, give it a try now! Here's one that will take you to our all time bestseller Viva La Violet Just click the name or the photograph - and if you decide to buy using our special code, you will be automatically entered into our monthly Link Lovers' draw.

All products ordered using our AUGLINKS code qualify this month until the 25th of August 2011, and the winner will be announced in the next issue of Talking Flowers.

Flowers for Now: Summer Weddings to Exam Results

Like strawberries and cream, summer and weddings seem to be a perfect match. Perhaps because every bride dreams of confetti and sunshine not raindrops!

One of our favourite cards for a summer wedding is Pink Bubbles. Two champagne flutes toast the couple on the front of this pretty pink card, whilst the ruffled lisianthus and delicate baby's breath make for a fresh and sweet bouquet.

But if you want to give your bride and groom a stunning bouquet our Fresh Cream Bouquet mixes the most beautiful creamy flowers together, with fresh green tissue paper completing the vision. And our top tip? Have it delivered as they return from their honeymoon to make it a real surprise and something they can enjoy as they start life as husband and wife.

And don't forget to add a personal message on the card to name the happy couple, date and wish them luck, making a memento they'll treasure always.

Summer is also a dramatic time for anyone who's worked hard for exams. It's crunch time - the results are out!

Great results make dreams come true, as precious places at college or university depend on them - so why not mark achievements with a stunning floral gift?

One of the brightest and most youthful cards in our collection is the vibrant Flowers to Go! Perfect for GSCE and A-level exam results congratulations, it will look fabulous in any teen bedroom or on their desk.

Our Poppy Picnic card is also perfect for summer exam results. So zesty, its red and yellow petals and idyllic meadow view truly captures the elation of exam success. And those well earned easy summer days for the rest of the holidays!

All of us at Flowercard wish everyone the best of luck - students and their families - at this nail-baiting time.

We hope you all get the results you want - and look forward to reading your joyful messages of congratulations later this month!

Rainbow Shopping: Pink Perfection

If you're anything like us, you love buying for other people and bringing them joy, but worry about picking the exact gift they'd like.

  <p>When it comes to flowers, there's a quick and safe way to find the

bouquet they'll adore, and this clever trick has inspired our new Rainbow Shopping feature.

  <p>When thinking of that special person, picture their living room, 

or their bedroom, or the clothes they like to wear, and pick a bouquet to match.

That way you know you've got their taste sussed!

This month we'll look at the best flowers for someone who has a passion for pink.

Pink flowers are incredibly popular. Roses, tulips, carnations, gerbera - all the most popular flowers come in a whole host of blushing shades from delicate baby pink roses to vibrant hot pink gerberas. Our fabulous Pink Lady Bouquet shows this perfectly, handpicked with stunning flowers in every shade - a pink lover's paradise.

  <p>What about mixing other colours with pink?</p>

  <p>Our <a href="http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/pink-scottie">Pink Scottie Flowercard</a>

shows that the perfect partner for pink petals is white, and here the mix is created by ruffled lisianthus with a playful Scottie dog print to make it ideal for dog lovers too.

Pink does not have to be light and delicate. If your special person is partial to lush, darker hues, they'll love the deeper tones of cymbidium orchids, featured against lush green foliage in Designer Orchids.

Framed with a very sophisticated lattice print, this is perfect against subtle magnolia walls, or richly coloured period homes.

Pink flowers also pair beautifully with purples, so they make a fantastic accent colour in lilac bedrooms, among aubergine curtains or next to mauve sofas. You can see this mix at work in our fabulous Elegance card, where pink carnations and blue veronica demonstrate just how well these tones work together.

  <p>We hope this has inspired you to shop with colour confidence. Next

month, we'll be looking closely at people who love a splash of vibrant yellow - perfect for sunshine personalities.

Your Story: What we want to know

Following the heart-warming success of our Flowercard People award, we're launching a new feature in our magazine where customers also star.

<p>Who can enter? Anyone who's sent a Flowercard and been delighted 

with how it was received. We'll pick the best entry each Talking Flowers edition and if your entry is chosen, you'll be featured in the magazine, the catalogue and best of all you'll win 3 FREE FLOWERCARDS!

  <p>All you have to do is send an email to <a href="mailto:talkingflowers@flowercard.co.uk">talkingflowers@flowercard.co.uk</a> answering these questions:</p>
  <p><strong>1)</strong> Which Flowercard or Bouquet did you order?</p>
    <p><strong>2)</strong> Who did you send it to and why?</p>

    <p><strong>3)</strong> What message did you ask us to print on the card?</p>
    <p><strong>4)</strong> What reaction did your card get?</p>
    <p>We're looking for good stories to share, so tell us all the best 

bits, as if you were writing telling it to a friend. Please make sure the person who received the card would be happy to be featured too, it would be a shame for you to spend time telling us about them, if they're going to feel too shy to take part!

Please click here for full terms and conditions for submitting your story to the Your Story feature.


  <img class="horiz-rule" src="../site_images/talking-flowers-august11_files/talking-flowers-horiz-rule.gif">

Flowercard People

This month's award winner is a lovely lady who took something positive away from a devastating situation. Her name is Yvonne Dewer (pictured), and we'll let her good friend and nominator Deborah Stevens take up the story.

  <p><i>"Yvonne's beloved husband suffered a massive stroke some years 

ago. The doctors told her his life expectancy was no more than a week. With great dedication, care and love, she helped nurse him every day at the local hospital for a further six years. She made his room into a haven of peace and happiness, and was there daily without fail. During this time she also visited the patients in nearby rooms, bringing them cheer and comfort."

  <p><i>However, there is more to the story.  Yvonne, who avoided 

hospitals like the plague prior to her husband's illness, has carried on as a daily hospital visitor, particularly to the elderly. As before, she lifts their spirits by encouraging and comforting them, and also sees to their practical needs such as purchasing items which they need or desire, including items of clothing (often these are gifts purchased with her own limited funds.) One patient who was released and lives alone still receives a weekly visit from her at home, which necessitates Yvonne setting aside an afternoon for the train journey there and back. She truly is a ray of sunshine wherever she goes."

Yvonne is an exceptionally selfless lady, and as she adores flowers herself, I so hope you may consider her worthy of this gift.

We most certainly do!

  <a href="http://www.flowercard.co.uk/products/silver-surprise-in-pink"><img class="editorial-pic" src="../site_images/talking-flowers-august11_files/silver-surprise.jpg"></a>

  <p>Deborah has selected the lovely Silver Surprise in Pink for Yvonne, and asked us to print these beautiful words:</p>
  <p><i>Dear Yvonne</i></p>

You deserve 1,000 bouquets

for all you do for others!

love from Debby

  <p>We could not have said it better ourselves!</p>

<p>If you know someone like Jan who deserves a Flowercard, why not 

nominate them for a Flowercard People Award? Every month we'll select a winner to receive your choice of Flowercard, with your personal message on the front, for FREE. Even if they don't win this month, they'll still go back into the draw, to be considered again and again.

So what are the qualities we'll be looking for in our Flowercard People Award?

Well, that's up to you! Maybe people who always think of others, individuals who've stayed strong through difficult times, friends who've shown courage, kindness, selflessness and determination. You tell us by nominating them.

      <li>Please tell us the full name of your nominee, and describe why they deserves a FREE Flowercard in no more than 100 words.</li>

      <li>Be sure to include your full name too, and daytime phone number for us to contact you should your nomination win. </li>
      <li>Send your nomination in an email to our NEW dedicated address <a href="mailto:talkingflowers@flowercard.co.uk">talkingflowers@flowercard.co.uk</a> and please type "Flowercard Award Nomination" in the subject line.</li>

      <li>Please read the Flowercard Award <a href="http://www.flowercard.co.uk/pages/flowercard-people-terms-and-conditions">Terms and Conditions</a> </li>

  <img class="horiz-rule" src="../site_images/talking-flowers-august11_files/talking-flowers-horiz-rule.gif">

Made with Love: Crepe Paper Flowers

Aren't these gorgeous? And we know just how to make them!

Created from crepe paper by craft blogger Jessica Jones, these stunning little flowers will finish all your gift wrapping in style, or you could attached several to a wicker wreath, in a range of pretty colours to hang by ribbon!

Pop across to Jessica's blog, How About Orange, to read how to make these little beautifies in full:


<img class="horiz-rule" src="../site_images/talking-flowers-august11_files/talking-flowers-horiz-rule.gif">

Coming soon

Our next issue could be about you. Send us an email for the new Your Story feature, nominate a loved one for the Flowercard Award or order a product from this magazine using our new Link Lovers offer - and you could be reading about yourself next time!

Plus next issue will also look at Flowers for Now with good luck cards for all those new beginnings and autumnal themed cards for the new season. And finally next month's Rainbow Shopping will look at buying flowers for someone with a yen for yellow!

<img class="horiz-rule" src="../site_images/talking-flowers-august11_files/talking-flowers-horiz-rule.gif">


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