Wedding Flowers

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What are the most popular wedding flowers, and which of them are the biggest trending flowers to have at your wedding today?

A wedding can be the most important day of many people’s lives and, as such, meticulous planning goes in to make sure every detail is up to standard. One common aspect of wedding ceremonies is flowers, lots of flowers. From the tables and seating to the bridal bouquet, flowers are front and centre of any wedding and consequently, it is important to choose the right ones. 

By looking at the search patterns for 75 of the most popular wedding flowers, we have been able to determine the most popular in the UK right now, and which of these have seen the biggest recent growth in popularity. 

The nation’s favourite wedding flowers

To discover the nation’s most popular wedding flowers we looked at the number of Google searches for each type of flower between July 2019 and June 2021. Out of the 75 wedding flowers we studied, the average number of searches was 487,350 over two years.


1: Poppies - 2,930,500 searches

Poppies can be a colourful addition to a wedding as they are bright vibrant colourful flowers that can brighten up any room, especially for summer weddings as they generally flower between June and September. Poppies come in different sizes but regardless of this their naturally playful shape will always catch the eye, they also come in a variety of colours rather than the traditional red. The number of searches for poppies was over 2.4 million more than the average. 

2: Peony - 2,302,700 searches

With just over 2.3 million searches the Peony is the second most popular wedding flower. The pink and purple large peony flowers are a staple of weddings and are often a flower of choice for a bride’s bouquet.

3: White Rose - 2,172,500 searches

White is the colour most classically associated with weddings, and the rose is the flower most associated with love and romance. Consequently, it is hardly surprising that white roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers. In the past two years, there have been over 2.1 million searches for white roses. 

Wedding flowers growing in popularity

Wedding flowers that are currently popular and trending upwards are a must-have at weddings between 2019 and 2021, these are the flowers that have seen the biggest increase in searches in the past two years as they did in the two years prior.



1: Garden Rose

  • 2017/19 Searches: 22,350
  • 2019/21 Searches: 97,000
  • Increase: 74,650
  • Percentage Increase: 334%

The garden rose is a type of hybrid rose that is becoming increasingly popular at weddings across Britain, so much so that it is Britain's wedding flower with the largest search increase in the past four years. The 334% rise in searches since 2017/19 is the greatest in the country.

2: Chamomile

  • 2017/19 Searches: 14,120
  • 2019/21 Searches: 56,600
  • Increase: 42,480
  • Percentage Increase: 300.8%

Chamomile has been famous as a source of herbal tea for years but now its flower popularity threatens to outstrip the drink. Between 300.8% to 560,600 searches in 2019/21.

3: Cosmos

  • 2017/19 Searches: 175,500
  • 2019/21 Searches: 587,100
  • Increase: 411,600
  • Percentage Increase: 234.5%

The Cosmos flower is the third fastest growing wedding flower in terms of popularity in the UK. Its percentage increase was over 230% to rank in third, and now had almost 600,000 searches in total. 


Most Instagrammed Wedding Flowers

As the power of social media continues to grow, flowers that receive the most attention on Instagram are definitely some of the most popular in the world. We looked at the number of Instagram hashtags for each of the 75 wedding flowers to determine the most popular on the platform.



1: Tulips, 7,300,000 hashtags 

Tulips are the most popular flower on Instagram with over 7.3 million hashtag mentions of this popular wedding flower. Different coloured Tulips are often used at weddings, including classic pale white and pink ones, as well the bright colourful varieties. They truly are a flower for any style of wedding! 

2: Lavender, 6,900,000 hashtags

Lavender flowers are such a beautiful and popular colour that many weddings are entirely decorated in their colour, and the flowers themselves often appear in bouquets. On Instagram, there were 6.9 million hashtags for lavender which makes them the second most popular.

3: Orchids, 4,400,000 hashtags

Orchids are another wedding classic and are often the go-to flower for brides when preparing their bouquets due to their large classy flowers. On Instagram, orchids have 4.4 million hashtags which narrowly secures their ranking as the third most popular wedding flower on social media.



Royal Wedding Flowers

Royal weddings are often grand and lavish occasions that capture the attention and imagination of the nation. The 1981 ‘fairytale’ wedding between Prince Charles and Princess Diana was watched by an estimated 750 million people worldwide, and its record of 28.4 million viewers in the UK wasn’t eclipsed until the 2020 European Championship final 40 years later. 

Just like any other wedding, a royal wedding contains flowers. But which flowers are favoured by royal brides? By studying major royal wedding ceremonies since Queen Victoria, we have discovered the most popular royal wedding flowers. 


1: Myrtle, 15 Royal Wedding Bridal Bouquets

The tradition of a royal bridal bouquet containing myrtle was started by Queen Victoria who planted the myrtle from her own bouquet; this same plant has been used throughout the generations by the likes of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton. 

2: Lily of the Valley, 9 Royal Wedding Bridal Bouquets

The second most popular royal wedding bouquet flower is Lily of the Valley, and it is the most popular flower without a tradition attached to using it. It is a white woodland flowering plant that has been used by royal brides such as Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, both wives of Prince Charles, and most recently Princess Eugenie.

3: Roses, 8 Royal Wedding Bridal Bouquets 

The classic wedding flower is the third most popular with royal brides is the rose, eight bridal bouquets at royal weddings have featured roses over the years. The future Queen Mary had a bouquet predominantly made up of roses during her 1893 marriage to the Prince of Wales who would go on to become King George V.


  • We compiled a list of the 75 most popular wedding flowers.
  • We then used Google Keyword Planner to discover the searches for each of the past four years. 
  • We then added together the first and last two years to see the total number of searches over the two previous 24 month cycles. 
  • We subtracted the 2017-2019 value from the 2019-2021 value to discover the growth in search volume. 
  • All flowers were searched for tags on Instagram and ranked by the total number. 
  • Royal wedding flowers were found on
  • The frequency of flowers being used in royal weddings was counted up to create the ranking.