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    A Simple Guide To Wedding Anniversary Names and Ideas on What Gifts to Send to Celebrate Milestones

    We’ll go through the traditional anniversary gifts for each year of marriage, as well as ideas for what to get your special someone.

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  • What to Write in Cards for Milestone Wedding Anniversaries

    Finding the right thing to say in a wedding anniversary card can be an enormous task - so we've rounded up some of our favourites for you to use.

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  • Anniversary Messages & Quotes: What To Write In An Anniversary Card

    We here at Flowercard are happy to offer a massive list of anniversary messages and anniversary quotes to make your greeting card extra special.

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  • What type of flowers should you send for a wedding anniversary?

    A beautiful bouquet is the perfect anniversary gift - learn what type of flower is right for each anniversary.

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  • Do You Know The Right Flowers To Give At Each Anniversary?

    No anniversary is complete without flowers, and did you know that there are certain flowers associated with each anniversary?

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